Our history

Since 1977 brushes and combs in natural wood.
Montalbano manufactures all its products with the sole use of natural materials, in full compliance with the principles of eco-sustainability.


Montalbano is an Italian company manufacturer of brushes and combs in 100% natural wood and innovative products for professionals of the hairdressing sector and more, with particular attention to respect and protection of the environment and the recycling of production waste.

The products signed Montalbano combine tradition and Made In Italy craftsmanship with technological systems, without neglecting design.

The production is aimed at different sectors of the cosmetics and beauty market – hairdressers, professionals in the beauty sector, wellness & SPA, large distribution and organic shop.


The company was founded in 1977 from an intuition of Giuseppe Montalbano and over time has positioned itself on the Italian and foreign market with innovative products capable of reflecting multiple needs.

The selection of wood as a primary material is related to its qualities, ideal for the beauty and health of the hair and body.

The constant attention paid to customer needs and the achievement of high production standards decree the success of the company.


Montalbano products are strictly handmade in Italy, characterized by high quality and great attention to design, without forgetting the artisan tradition. On the customer’s instructions and specifications, it is still possible to create any type of item, in different types of wood and plastic materials thanks to cutting-edge machinery such as CNC and automatic milling machines.

Made in Italy is a symbol of:

  • Quality: continuous research of innovative technologies for the creation of products
  • Attention to detail: each product is checked individually before being boxed and shipped
  • Craftsmanship: each accessory is made manually by highly qualified personnel, guaranteeing a production that operates with high quality and ethical standards
  • Beauty: a range of colors that follow the style trends and a design with attention to every detail make Montalbano products unique.

Montalbano not only produces products with its own brand, but is able to become a partner for important collaborations with renowned brands and customers with customizations that make the products made “tailor-made” to guarantee full satisfaction and the style of a personalization that is an expression of one’s identity, combining creativity and uniqueness. All products can be customized by hot stamping or laser and on request they can be supplied already packaged with blisters or hangers and equipped with a bar code.


In continuous and constant innovation, through the implementation of increasingly high-performance technologies, Montalbano combines quality and style in each of its products.

Montalbano works with passion and dedication with the aim of offering hair stylists (B2B) and each individual customer (B2C) increasingly performing and personalized products.


Montalbano products are also exported abroad, where Made in Italy has always been synonymous with great quality and uniqueness.

Online shop specializing in the sale of articles for hairdressers, perfumeries and beauty centers. Specialized in wooden combs, hair combs, cutting combs, carbon combs, hairbrushes, wooden brushes.

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